Behind the scene

My crew and I arrived Benedict Studio at the crack of dawn on January, 26th this year.


The studio was well arranged, this really made me even more excited. Plus, the name tags! it’s way too terrific!


Thanks for my assistants, Fongnam and Piri.

Fongnam : (T. 086-393-8909)
Piri :

We waited a lil bit, finally, the phographer, Nott, walked in. Everything became more exciting!

Nott : (T.081-551-9515)

While the photographer was exploring the splendid studio, our make up artist, Nut, arrived with his cute assistant, Ann.

Nut : (T. 091-424-5966, 089-691-4695)
Ann : Nuan-anong Punyakam

Make up artist did his job excellently. Raz, my sister and I as models of the day dressed up and already wore makeup. Well, this apparently made things more professional and fertile! (still sleepy tho :p)



We were super ready!


After seeing the pure white screen, with the spot light and the hugh flash.. I just wanted to scream out loud. I was super stressed because “it’s time!!” But well, the show must go on, we continued shooting! Start with the most handsome model ever, Raz :p


Mr. Ravan, thank you so much again for your kindness and spontaneous modeling soul lol.

After the first set, we took a lil break then we restarted again, started from me then Faii respectively.
We also took some outdoor shots, it was slightly awkward  but still fun!


Time for lunch! I looked at everyone… eating while I had to keep my mouth shut because I was scared that.. next set, the photos would get worse because of my tummy…


Ok, my turn again! Solo! Face set! Tummy set! Ready! (starvingggg)


Finally, done! It’s time for my lunch.. poor me. I ate like a fool while looking at my sister standing in front of the camera.

solo time of Ms.Faii, my sister!

Faii : Amélie boyd

Back in studio…


Well, it already took almost a day, we all were exhausted. The sky was darker and darker.

I did appreciate and I wanted to say thank you to you guys again.. Fongnam, P’faii, Nott, Nut, Raz, P’mike, Piri, N’ann.
I really did.

I went home happily, knackered but really fun. I was so proud of myself, “I did it!!!” the exhaustion was gone right away 🙂

p.s. Oh! Who was in the last pic.

Mike : (T.090-971-7468)

Behind the scene photographer, Mike. Well, we has his photo here, no more hiding!
Thank you Mike for all the splendid candid photos!

Thank YOU for reading!