The sample & defect sale

Last weekend the Morph8ne team packed up our studio into boxes and pop up to “Outcast Store” in Thailand to bring you the biggest, baddest sample sale ever!

Armed with Sticker, Ribbons, Tons of balloons and plenty of boxes! our team soon got to work on filling the shop. Early on Saturday morning we were very excited to arrive and see some of you waiting for us to open – now that is true Morph8ne dedication!

After non-stop huge crowd we would like to apologize for any inconvenience. A long queues, hot weather, limited of space and time. (*cross finger* we will try the best for next time.)

We can safely say we had a superb weekend made even better by all of Morph8ne’s fan who showed up so a BIG thank you to those who did. However, Please don’t be regretful for those who missed this event ’cause Morph8ne stuffs still in the Outcast store for normal price. Stayed tuned as we’re going to have more in the next year.

Last but not least…. Did we know the perfect locals to running this event with. The Supreme brains behind the Outcast store one of the coolest shop in Siam Square “P’chin” aka ChubbyUncle. We really thank you to give the place for set this event up. He just not help only give us a place, he still recommend and suggest us sooooooo many things, without your help, this would not have been possible and we will not have a chance to meet our Morph8ne addicted who are most important for us.

Here are more some snaps of us and lovely shoppers at event: